Friday, November 20, 2009

Grey's last night III

Last night at around 11pm I get home from work, exhausted and ready for my Brian and Grey's. Except...Tivo betrayed me. He did not record my Grey's. Granted we later found out it was all my fault for recording the Project Runway marathon! I may or may not have cried when I realize there was nothing to do but wait till tomorrow morning for the eposide to be online.


So last night they did all the holidays in one eposide, so thanksgiving, christmas and new year's. Alot of shizzz went down.

meet Sloan's daughter
she's prego. and eighteen. and well not too bright.
her mother kicked her out on her booty.
and she said this to Sloan"I know your girlfriend [lexi] doesn't like me because I'm prettier"
I hope they keep her around she is definitley funny.


it was invite creepy dad to christmas dinner day, Bailey's dad came too & while he did not beat out Meridith & Lexi's dad for creepiness he did add give some disapproval to Bailey's divorce.
*he gives me chills*


blondie over here tells hunt (cristina's man) that she loves him and gets all up in his face ready to give him a passionate kiss....and he says "I'm in love with Cristina". In her face.
*what is creepy dad looking at??*

I really hope they keep Sloan's daughter on the show...who btw is named Sloan Riely.
I think its cute!

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