Monday, November 29, 2010

show me how you


I've seen three movies this year.
I know, I know. I just don't like movie theaters too much.
Sitting around for 2,3hrs with a crowd full of loud eating people.
AND people who bring their newborns, not my idea of fun!

Which is way I've only seen 3 movies this year

1. of course
2. because we had time to kill
AND 3....because its Cher and my momma loves Cher!

When I was like 7 my mom would work out every morning to Cher's work out tapeactually the first picture was the exact cover the tape my mom had.

So when we saw the previews to BURLESQUE we knew we had to go!

And let me tell you we didn't regret it one bit.
It was amazing.I had chills the entire time

Also, who ever did the casting should give themselves a big thumbs up!
Oh hey McSteamy whatcha doin' outta of Grey's Anatomy?

And Kristen Bell...or better known as Slut in BURLESQUE

....I never knew Christina could act!
and that she did it from dramatic to hilarious she nailed every part.

Needless to say...when we left we could help but shake our booties!
we were dancing the whole way home!

Oh and the die for.
GLITTER palozzzaaa!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving for 2

Y'all know how I like to brag about my amazing B.
Well once again, he out did himself.
He cooked the most wonderful thanksgiving dinner.

and I...
I made the table look pretty,
hey! it was work too... :)

wanna see some pictures, okay! meet the cutest little owl candle I found at the world market ♥ you

my Brian did the best he could to make all our food vegetarian friendly
(mushroom gravy....omg delish)
but he drew the line at turkey, he refused to have tofurkey.
(can't say i blame him)

Brian was thankful for...being able to watch the football game from the kitchen!

our first thanksgiving as a married couple ended being a huge success

im so excited we decided to spend it together after all we are each
others favorite family
and this is how traditions are born.

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving with their loved ones!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November is for lovers

and all my lovers birthdays.

November 1st was spent celebrating with my favorite red head.

we ran around getting free food with her,
free hamburger at Red Robin and a dozen free Krispy Kreme

November 9th was baby Klohe's first birthday

followed by her big sister Kylie's 3rd birthday
they're kinda our favorite girls ever!

November 11 my husband's birthdaywe drank, had gross food, and enjoyed every bit of it.

November 16 than 19was my sisters and then my GBF's.

It's been a busy birthday filled month!

And tomorrow I get to celebrate thanksgiving with my B for the first time.
(you know as a married couple)
He's gonna cook, I'm going to decorate.
We're gonna spend it together.
it's big deal for us, we're never alone.

I guess I could be all sappy and say I'm thankfully for my husband, friends, family etc.
but what i'm really thankfully for...
50% off at Urban Outfitters

Thursday, November 11, 2010

since i'm a human

i sometimes have bad days.

days when a certain university screws me.
days when I'm on hold forever only to have the IRS tell me
"you still have a month to wait before you call us"
days when I just want to yell!

Thankfully I have a wonderful manfriend that know just how to make me happy

he suggested...
why don't we go to the mall i'll distract you from your thoughts

that he did there is nothing i like better than dressing people.
its kinda my favorite thing.
(he knows that)

see my giraffe print purse...that was my last day with her.
she got replaced by a silver steve madden
its actually hidden in that Ross bag
(by my feet)
it's yet to be photographer so you won't be able to see it. :(

My manfriend also took me to Oregano's my favorite pizza & fries place ever!

bbq chicken pizza/half no chicken
they literally have the recipe to make me happy!

Not that I'm trying to brag about how awesome my manfriend is
but...well...he just is.
He will do anything to see me happy.
Which is kinda why I love him.

Anyway i just want to say thank you manfriend for always making me happy.
oh ya and happy birthday you old fart.
i can't believe my husband is 26!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

is it just me...

Or are people these days so self really

I've never thought of my self as a super caring person...
you know the kind that would rescue a cat from a tree
or help some crying kid on the play ground
or stop on the side of the street and help someone change a tire

..heck i think its weird when people say "I'll pray for you"
(even though I let my bestfriend get away with saying that one)

But ohmygoodness
Some people act like they're being asked to give their first born when you asked them to do something nice for someone else...or you know be a decent human for once.

I get it. We all have our own lives.
Everyone has commitments.

But sometimes they're moments in people's life that deserve a little attention.
(births.anniversaries.bachelor parties.birthdays.weddings)
And sometimes they're people that deserve all your attention.
(24hrs a day or at least an hour a day)

this is me ranting hoping that maybe one day you'll care.
that maybe one day it'll hit you
that maybe just maybe someone will be more important than you.


Until then. "I'll pray for you".

Friday, October 29, 2010


For the past 21 years of my life...
or you know all the years of my life

I've worked hard on my relationships.

My relationship with my mother

I can truly say that my mother is one of my best friends and if I ever have children I hope we can have the same relationship that we share. No matter what she has always found a way to allow me to follow my dreams. Even if it meant not having grocery's in the house so that I could have the dress I needed for orchestra performances, or somehow coming up with tuition money.

My relationship with my sisters and brothers

I'm smack dab in the middle of 5
And let me tell ya, we definitely didn't and don't always get along...but that's okay because at the end of the day they are the ones that I know I can always rely on. Even if its something as trivial as putting my clothes in dryer!!

My relationships with my friends...

Some of my closest friends are my cousins, some are friends I meet in my teenage days and have been come more like family, and one is funny little boy who keep me entertained.

I'm thankful have such amazing people in my life

I'm also thankful that they all understand how important my relationship with my B is. They all care and have always respected how important Brian is in my life.

I love my relationships.

Monday, October 25, 2010



This year we went out to the pumpkin farm just like last year...except this year we brought our Jamie, my goddaughter/niece

and the whole waaay there she kept talking about getting a blue pumpkin
and when she found one she was super excited!

then we left, Brian was super disappointed, he didn't find one pumpkin he liked and decided to go to Safeway instead. We were actually only there for less than an hour! The pumpkin industry must be suffering too because there wasn't much there to choose from.

but at least jamie left happy :)

We later covered our pumpkins in glitter

They fit in great with our Halloween decor

We still have other pumpkins we need to carve but we can't until the day of Halloween...Brian's rule! Halloween is so his holiday!