Thursday, November 11, 2010

since i'm a human

i sometimes have bad days.

days when a certain university screws me.
days when I'm on hold forever only to have the IRS tell me
"you still have a month to wait before you call us"
days when I just want to yell!

Thankfully I have a wonderful manfriend that know just how to make me happy

he suggested...
why don't we go to the mall i'll distract you from your thoughts

that he did there is nothing i like better than dressing people.
its kinda my favorite thing.
(he knows that)

see my giraffe print purse...that was my last day with her.
she got replaced by a silver steve madden
its actually hidden in that Ross bag
(by my feet)
it's yet to be photographer so you won't be able to see it. :(

My manfriend also took me to Oregano's my favorite pizza & fries place ever!

bbq chicken pizza/half no chicken
they literally have the recipe to make me happy!

Not that I'm trying to brag about how awesome my manfriend is
but...well...he just is.
He will do anything to see me happy.
Which is kinda why I love him.

Anyway i just want to say thank you manfriend for always making me happy.
oh ya and happy birthday you old fart.
i can't believe my husband is 26!


  1. so here i am posting furry boots and you are living it up in summer. NO FAIR!!!

    i do love your giraff purse. rock that thing like whoa, mkay!

  2. Um those fries are making my mouth water, they look so yummy!

  3. Aww, so cute- happy birthday Brian! Your hubby seems like the most considerate guy ever, and those fries look DELICIOUS!

  4. i'm 26 you brat!!! haha :) you are lucky to have someone make you feel better like that! I like that bag as well and especially all the food, nummy nummy nummy.


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