Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November is for lovers

and all my lovers birthdays.

November 1st was spent celebrating with my favorite red head.

we ran around getting free food with her,
free hamburger at Red Robin and a dozen free Krispy Kreme

November 9th was baby Klohe's first birthday

followed by her big sister Kylie's 3rd birthday
they're kinda our favorite girls ever!

November 11 my husband's birthdaywe drank, had gross food, and enjoyed every bit of it.

November 16 than 19was my sisters and then my GBF's.

It's been a busy birthday filled month!

And tomorrow I get to celebrate thanksgiving with my B for the first time.
(you know as a married couple)
He's gonna cook, I'm going to decorate.
We're gonna spend it together.
it's big deal for us, we're never alone.

I guess I could be all sappy and say I'm thankfully for my husband, friends, family etc.
but what i'm really thankfully for...
50% off at Urban Outfitters


  1. i love 50% off!!! you just got me all kinds of excited!!!

  2. Holy man you were crazy busy!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Hey girlie,
    Your pics are soooo fun! I love the Krispy Kreme hats ya'll are totally rockin' them :0)

    You and Brian looked like ya'll had a fab time on his birfday!!

    Your sister is so cute! Hope she is doing well! I have been praying for her!!

    A Thanksgiving as the two of you sounds amazing, have a wonderful romantic night pretty girl



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