Sunday, November 7, 2010

is it just me...

Or are people these days so self really

I've never thought of my self as a super caring person...
you know the kind that would rescue a cat from a tree
or help some crying kid on the play ground
or stop on the side of the street and help someone change a tire

..heck i think its weird when people say "I'll pray for you"
(even though I let my bestfriend get away with saying that one)

But ohmygoodness
Some people act like they're being asked to give their first born when you asked them to do something nice for someone else...or you know be a decent human for once.

I get it. We all have our own lives.
Everyone has commitments.

But sometimes they're moments in people's life that deserve a little attention.
(births.anniversaries.bachelor parties.birthdays.weddings)
And sometimes they're people that deserve all your attention.
(24hrs a day or at least an hour a day)

this is me ranting hoping that maybe one day you'll care.
that maybe one day it'll hit you
that maybe just maybe someone will be more important than you.


Until then. "I'll pray for you".


  1. HAHAH oh man I love this one!! Especially the ending and because i'm mentioned... Now I want to listen to that song, "I'll pray for you" haha

  2. Yep people definitely seem very self involved. It's kind of frustrating actually.

  3. welcome to life...there are so MANY folks just like that. they'll learn but it might be too late by the time they do.

  4. I have came across a few peeps like that! Like bananas said maybe they'll learn but it might be to late for that!

    I always love your posts girlie....


  5. Girlll I'll pray for you is my SONG!


hate it, love it, its all good!