Monday, November 29, 2010

show me how you


I've seen three movies this year.
I know, I know. I just don't like movie theaters too much.
Sitting around for 2,3hrs with a crowd full of loud eating people.
AND people who bring their newborns, not my idea of fun!

Which is way I've only seen 3 movies this year

1. of course
2. because we had time to kill
AND 3....because its Cher and my momma loves Cher!

When I was like 7 my mom would work out every morning to Cher's work out tapeactually the first picture was the exact cover the tape my mom had.

So when we saw the previews to BURLESQUE we knew we had to go!

And let me tell you we didn't regret it one bit.
It was amazing.I had chills the entire time

Also, who ever did the casting should give themselves a big thumbs up!
Oh hey McSteamy whatcha doin' outta of Grey's Anatomy?

And Kristen Bell...or better known as Slut in BURLESQUE

....I never knew Christina could act!
and that she did it from dramatic to hilarious she nailed every part.

Needless to say...when we left we could help but shake our booties!
we were dancing the whole way home!

Oh and the die for.
GLITTER palozzzaaa!


  1. i'm still not sold. i'll probably wait for the DVD. i'm stubborn like that.

  2. I am dying to see Burlesque! I love me some Christina. And oddly enough I've actually been to a burlesque show before.

  3. Looks amazing, I'm still going to wait for the DVD though.

  4. Wow, I have got to see it! I was a bit dubious about this movie, but thank you for reconfirming it's worth it!

    Thanks for your comment, I also prefer real models to celebs doing fashion!

    p.s was the Other guys any good?

  5. I want to see this because when Christina starts gives me chills!!!! But, at the same time, it looks really cliche but I think I may grab my sister and go, your post helps go that direction too! I'm glad you liked it.

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  7. I was so excited to see this movie and I finally got around to it last weekend!! Loved it!



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