Monday, October 25, 2010



This year we went out to the pumpkin farm just like last year...except this year we brought our Jamie, my goddaughter/niece

and the whole waaay there she kept talking about getting a blue pumpkin
and when she found one she was super excited!

then we left, Brian was super disappointed, he didn't find one pumpkin he liked and decided to go to Safeway instead. We were actually only there for less than an hour! The pumpkin industry must be suffering too because there wasn't much there to choose from.

but at least jamie left happy :)

We later covered our pumpkins in glitter

They fit in great with our Halloween decor

We still have other pumpkins we need to carve but we can't until the day of Halloween...Brian's rule! Halloween is so his holiday!


  1. aww how sweet i'm glad she found a blue pumpkin!

  2. okay that is so cute!!! i now want a blue pumpkin!

  3. How fun, I didn't know there were blue pumpkins now I want one LOL! I totally agree about the pumpkin industry this year, um we went to a big patch a couple weeks ago and girl it took forever to find some pumkins and they still weren't the greatest but ok! Kelcee and I did the glitter thing last week and it was so fun!
    I love your house girl so pretty and the outside is so festive! I had to totally laugh at the carving rule 'cause the hubs has one too hahahah and he is finally gonna let us carve us tonight but that was after ALOT of begging hee hee


    your sparkly pumpkins look so cute

  4. I love how you decorated the pumpkins!! So pretty! Seeing your house reminds me how much I miss Arizona...I love it there!!

  5. Great photos, I had no idea there were blue pumpkins haha.

  6. Great snaps-you guys look like you're having fun - can't wait to see all the deco on the day!
    Thanks for stopping by too - i see some of my other blog buddies are here already!

  7. aww, so cute!!! I love how she had her eye on one like that, that's adorable. I also love the idea of glittering them instead of carving just to change it up, glad you guys had a great day!~


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