Wednesday, November 25, 2009

so krispyyy

Yes my friends...I gave into temptation...
I gave in and went in to the only open Krispy Kreme in AZ know you want one
my lil' sis with the a sprinkle chocolate doughnut
blueberry is more my thing...please dont mind my freezzy hair!
and of course my Brian got two well because we love him around here
We give them a BIG THUMBS UP!!
beware they are addicting


  1. K. I had 2 and a half Krispy Kremes today... I am disappointed in myself but I came home from starving at school all day and they were on the table look'n beautiful. P.S. There are two Krispy Kremes that I know of in Az!

  2. really...i think i'm good only knowing about one!!lol

  3. woah... I have neverrr had krispy kremes! we don't have them in the Netherlands, and the times I was in USA, no one took me there! stupid... :P



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