Monday, November 2, 2009


my Brian's fam is all in Tucson & whenever we go we usually just hang with the fam, which is always fun, but this time we took sometime out and spent most of our day with just eachother. I finally got to see some of the real Tucson, not just Oro Valley which is like the outskirts!

* this is my Brian's fav place ever!

*Their breakfast burritos are scrumptious!

*...Its a 2 hand kinda thing

After breakfast we went for a photo shoot at UofA

*close up of my Brian

*these shoes were left here...random!

*beautiful flowers in front of the college of ed

[[We later went to lunch with the CHOPPED!...I hate Stephanie for making us go there. I dream about their salads. I googled the resturant to find a local in the phx area turns out they are ONLY in tucson....WHHHHHYYYY?!]]

Then we went to dessert at RED VELVET greatest cupcakes ever!

*they are tiny and pricey but so worth it!

I heart CITIES!
Know any good ones you recommend I visittt??

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