Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hear about my weekend??? oh okay

I spent most of my time here....

....well all my time here, really I did. I practically live there. or at least my costumers think I do.
"do you ever leave"
"you must sleep here"
"you, again"
"don't they let you go" dear costumers they dont but it otay I love it there.

while working there are certain things i notice like everyday...

like this eyelashes. Yes eyelashes.
Since when are eyelashes pretty. Why do people obsess over having long eyelashes I think they are weird. like really. its hair. do people LOVE armpit hair no. they dont. its weird.
So girls please stop putting on your lame fake lashes when you plan on stoppin by my store kthx.

Please dont come into my store with this. I do not like this place. so if you really need to microwave your food....go home! whywhywhy do you feel the need to stop and microwave your food. especially this. I do not like this nasty greasy place that will kill my Brian and offers the saddest excuse for a vegetarian option. um hello?? no vegetarian wants a grilled cheese cooked on your grease filled stove. thanks.

I hate this.
They remind me of ducks. why would you want to look like a duck. they are ugly. they are. I'm sorry if you think they are cute and rock them all the time. but they're not. and i may or may not roll my eyes at your feet when i'm moping away and i see you in these ugly things walking all over my mopped floors. ya. its true. we get annoyed when ppl walk on our clean floors. even worse when ppl stand there not knowing whether to continue walking or run away and cry just get out of my way and life will return to normalicy.

I dont care for this show one bit. i think its stupid. and have been told it is only funny when you're stoned. i dont do that so i dont find it funny. AND i do not find it funny when people say "that's what she said" after I tell them their total at the register. oh hey gross man you're not funny. but let me chuckle and be polite so i dont lose my job. but really your joke is circa '05 and has been said a bajillion times. yea.

On that note...I love my job and find it quite entertaining.


  1. I hatehatehate Crocs. So much. My little sisters have CROC BOOTS, I am not even kidding. It's a nightmare. They are only 11 and 8, so I guess I can forgive them, but ughhh. Terrible!

    As for The Office, I love it! I guess it's one of those shows that you just have to have a really stupid sense of humor to enjoy. But "that's what she said" is the most annoying thing ever. Hate.

  2. lol. CROC boots really!? I might just go google that!

    I've tried watching the office it just never did it for me. :(

  3. Crocs - I hate them. Unless you are a doctor doing a 10 hour surgery, please don't wear them. Ever.
    And I think eyelashes can be pretty. Especially boy ones. Some guys just have the most perfect eyelashes. I always get jealous.


hate it, love it, its all good!