Wednesday, December 30, 2009

oh hey!

so this year is coming to the end...and well a lot of shizz went down this year.
here are my high and low moments, neatly organized in a monthly countdown!

high:I spent the entire first day of the year with my loverface
low: I enrolled in the spanish class from hell!

high: I was able to spend the weekend with my family and ride the first metro in Mesa

low: Valentines day I celebrated alone...well at a party but still!


high: SPRING BREAK! half the week at home the...lil' sis party...other in flag w/brian (also the month he told he loved me!)

low:uh...spring break over!

high: I heart weddings and was invited to be my Brian's date to a gorgeous wedding in Anthem.

low: I meet my Brian's brother...who happened to bring some information that had been so nicely hidden by my Brian and well it just caused a lot of his brother though!

high: Meeting my Brian's family and him meeting mine...trip to tucson and mesa

low: We got stuck on the I10 due to a car accident and were forced to play with camera phones!

high: California trip to meet my Brian's entire family both sides!

low: realized that the freaks I moved in with in May are animal loving weirdos that collect cats as a hobby...I told them I was allergic to cats so I basically was forced to move out!

high: Keith Urban concert with my best friend we got a hotel right next to the arena and everything!

low: Realized I might have to leave Flag and move to Mesa.

high: My birthday aka the day my Brian proposed!
low: Decided I was definitely going to have to move to Mesa!

high: Figured out living arrangements and jobs!

low: Working at QT again...and learning that people do not tip well at Outback!

high: Halloween!!!

high: Spending time in tucson, my Brian being able to enjoy his favorite breakfast!

low:Thanksgiving I hate this holiday!

high: Holiday fun! With the people I love!

low: We still don't have our house! :(


  1. What an awesome year you've had! Seriously. Especially July (I'm a HUGE fan of Keith, le sigh).

    I never got an email from you - can you try resending it again?

  2. looks like you had a great year! heres to the next 10!

  3. such a cute post! wonderful idea. isn't it so fun to be able to look back on an entire year and see all that you were able to accomplish? love it. hope you have a fantastic new years!

  4. I like what you did with this post! it's cute and smart! lovely

    happy new year!


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