Tuesday, December 15, 2009

this just happened.

Apparently this is the coolest thing around...

and I made the mistake of saying...
"I think the stripes look stupid."
and my Brian said, "You're stupid!"

I was shocked. my Brian has never said anything like that to me, of course he was joking but still!

its ok though, he spent the few minutes kissing my booty!


  1. hahahah I say that to Boyfriend sometimes as well, and vice versa! but you can tell your Brian that I don't like the stripes either!


  2. hahaha. I'm with Brian here... I like the stripes! But his comment did earn you a few free passes, and extra love. I LOVE when that happens! ;-)

  3. surely he was kidding, because those stripes are pretty stupid.

  4. The strips are stupid. End of story :)


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