Thursday, January 28, 2010

my B

is the best cook around...
and well its awesome when he makes
delicious animal free food
but there are those times when he
cooks a poor little chicken.
I try and guilt him and tell him that
it hurts my heart because he
chooses to eat innocent little animals
but it doesn't work he still smiles.
Smile away my huge dimple face freak ♥


  1. is that chicken fat in his hands? SICK!

    sorry love, i'm all about the steak and i don't feel guilty. eek!

  2. hahaha, what about cow? Is cow better? I love cow!

  3. don't you love having a boy who can cook?! i sure do.

  4. haha, I would like to be a Veg but it is quite hard... I pretty much only eat chicken though- no red meat!

  5. that is awesome that he loves to cook....especially the veggie meals ;)


hate it, love it, its all good!