Sunday, March 7, 2010

best thing about my brian

he's my built in date!
no awkward first date,
or dealing with douchebags,
or being one of those girls at the bar.
Nope. Don't get me wrong being single was fun, but nothing compares to LOVE!

and chocolate down under thunder brownie w/strawberries ♥ yum


  1. I agree with you so much! Except I don't find the single part all that fun. I'd much rather be in love!

  2. I'm single at the moment [but I'm young so not too sad about it yet] and I agree it is nice to be in love.

  3. awww date nights are the best! helps keep the love alive. ha!

  4. I heart going out to dinner with the boyfriend, so fun. Looks like you guys had great food!

  5. Such a great post :) I love being in love too. You both are so cute together!


hate it, love it, its all good!