Thursday, March 4, 2010

can you open your purse?

i've never been a fan of walmart.
but due to their super cheap prices
i've been forced to do my grocery shopping there!

While shoppin I notice a dollar sign...i walked to it to find a rack of clothing.
I immediately start browsing and snag up these five beauties.

(one dollar each! holla!)

Two racks over there was a plethora of shoes all size 10! Big foot heaven!
(only 7 dollars...for each of course!)

Anyway while i was leaving secretly falling in love with walmart.
On my way out the alarms go off and they could not figure out why.
I did not steal but there I am standing while security searches my bags.
Seriously. no love for you walmart


  1. OMG I know everytime I go to Walmart some alarm is set off by somebody it is ridiculous...just when I think I start lovin Walmart....I decide I don't LOL....Score on the shirt finds....super cute....Love them....I found me a pair of LEI jeans on clearance for like 4.00....Ooooh I looove those shoes too....
    Thanks for your sweet comment....
    Happy Thursday
    Summer :0)

  2. Ohh I need to make a trip to Walmart—wish there were more in NYC. Actually, I think I am more of a Target gal...I love that high end designers make lines that are sold there. But I HATE that everything is always picked over when I go. You gotta be dedicated and snag that stuff as soon as it hits the racks!

  3. I cannot go to my Walmart. It creeps me out. It's just people pushing and shoving and being rude and the store is always so dirty. Ugh. Give me Target any day.

  4. You are not the only one, my love! The other day I kinda/sorta bought two rompers at Wal-Mart ($12 each!!). And I may be ever so slightly obsessed with the Miley Cyrus line (*cough* I own five pairs of her liquid leggings, four skirts, and a handful of tops *cough*). :)

  5. hahahahha big foot heaven....


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