Tuesday, April 27, 2010

keep your love locked down...

...that's what i do.
friday night me and brian had the entire afternoon off together, that's a rare occasion for us. so...we CELEBRATED. and spent the whole day out of the house.by having a photoshoot, justjoking but we did take advantage of the beautiful scenery
while we waited for our fabulous cheesecake...ummmm chessecake layers of redvelvet cake and cheesecake! thankgoodness we've been running everynight!
we meet up with our favorite couplewhere we pretended to be country dancers! At Toby Keith's I Love This Bar dont my mind my face it couldnt look good all night!maybe it was the wiskey.bahaha



  1. oh shit, toby keith's "i love this bar" is my favorite song to sing while drinking in a bar. haha!

  2. aw, I think your face at the bottom is really cute- you look sunkissed and happy. I'm glad you guys got out and enjoyed the day together!!

  3. You look gorgeous, not icky at all. It's always nice to get out and enjoy each other!

  4. Such sweet pictures, and mmm cheesecake!

  5. Cute pictures! That Toby Keith song is really good. The dessert looks yummy!


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