Friday, April 2, 2010

Pieces of me: April 2010

This month...
I like
...that we'll be getting our house and that I will finally get my promotion.
I don't like...that I'll be needing so much time off work. Crazy I know.
I want you to know...that I'm finally believing again
I've planned to...make every room in my soon to be new house count!
I want to say to someone special...YAYYYYYYYY!!!!


  1. Glad you're finally believing again, whatever that means for you. :-)

  2. its going to be a great month for you :) Congratulations on your promotion and house!!

  3. Promotion?! GO YOU!
    And although I have requested days off work my Director keeps denying them because she hates me right now because I don't have a child. Okay, not really but close. :)


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