Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sister + savers = ♥

You all know how I rave about my thrift stores, savers being my fave!
Well what you don't know is the hate i get from my little sister because i shop there! So we did an experiment I took her with me to prove she could find really cute clothes for a lot cheaper than her $30 shirts!

of COURSE it started like this...

"look at this, Luz, what is this eww!"

But soon enough we found a lot cute stuff and we ended up with this!
cute dress five bucks

sweet looking shall 3 bucks

hippie love top five bucks

ruffle top four books


Clothes are expensive beautiful but expensive, and i dont think anyone should be ashamed for shopping at thrift stores and being resourceful! Personally, I rather get more for my money. But I was in high school at one point so I understand, nonetheless she looks fabulous!


  1. Nice! Environmentally friendly, too. :-)

  2. Your baby sister is adorable... just like you. I'm a total bargin hunter as well so I'm glad you got her to switch to the dark side, er, I mean see the light :)

  3. YAY for super finds!!!! WOOHOOOO for family!! Happy Earth Day #40 to you!! hope you are having a nice week!!!

  4. HAHAHA I remember when u thought the same thing. u were so into buying American Eagle. Its funny how as we grow up we change the was we think.


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