Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i have a secrete to share

you all know that i am an AZ native.
always have been probably always will be.
i love it here, the north the south its all great.

now here is the secrete...
I am in love with the LAKERS!
gasp...i know, i know!
I am a horrible person.
Thankfully you all can't kick me, which is why i actually admitted it.
I would love love love it if my SUNS won the western conference.

But look at these guys they are such badasses and Pau Gasol oh he is amazing. I'm in love with him just brian is okay with it

However, I still back my SUNS they are lovable little guys and they work so hard even if they are beat up and tired

GAME 5....come sooner.


  1. OMG your suns look so worn and abused. poor guys.

  2. do you actually call brian "b"???

    I call brian BB. Brian Brown. haha ha. you guys are so cute. when are you getting married?

  3. LAKERS!!! you did the right thing lol I'm a huge LA fan mama don't feel bad ;) go FISHER!! xoxo

  4. We are stationed in Arizona and love it!!

  5. haha, i don't know too much about basketball, but they are pretty cute ;)


hate it, love it, its all good!