Monday, June 7, 2010

an owl, birds and a teapot

(i found this at goodwill for $2 but someone else had it so i fought a fabulous gay boy for this. seriously. i told him i loved it and if he didnt love it as much as i did he should let me have it, because obviously it needed a loving home. he laughed and let me have it. i love nice people)

(this beauty was way overpriced at Marshall's but i bought it anyway!)

(and my favorite goodwill find this weekend my teapot its simply perfection)


  1. Um teach me how to find good finds like that....I couldn't find a bargain if it smacked me in the head LOL....I love that owl and I love even more how you talked the guy right out of it...LOL so cute :0)
    That tea pot is fab and I love your Marshall find too! Thanks for your sweet comment girlie

  2. that teapot is the shit! great find lady!!!

  3. awesome!!! So fun to decorate your new pretty home and to find such great things at goodwill---- ballerish. Love the owl thing.

  4. Oh my golly, that tea pot! LOVE IT MORE THAN WORDS CAN DESCRIBE. <3


hate it, love it, its all good!