Tuesday, July 20, 2010

me, me, me, ME!

This week, everything was supposed to be about ME.
MY wedding invitations were supposed to be done and sent.
MY trip to california was the most important thing on my mind.
MY wedding favors were gonna be assembled.
MY closet was gonna be finished.
MY living room was gonna be painted.

But then,
the universe takes over.
and everything little that that was important to me is now so trivial.

Wednesday night in the middle of ME time, i found out that my seemingly perfectly healthy sister, wasn't so healthy at all. And two days before her 17 birthday she had a painful surgery, to see her if her kidneys were failing. We found that 70% of them were, and she'll eventually need a kidney transplant.

This is her and me on her 17 birthday in the hospital. My little sister is a fashionista. And in no way was she gonna celebrate her birthday in an ugly hospital gown.

But, like my mom said,
"We're Navarrete women, we're tough, we survive."


  1. Luz,
    I am sorry to here about your sis! She is so pretty like you :0)! She will make it through this, ya'll are strong!! I love that pic of her without the ugly hospital gown....she looks so happy for you to be there with her!
    I pray she gets a kidney quick, quick

    Eeeeek on your wedding stuff....it's getting closer girlie

    Summer ;0)

  2. I am so sorry about your sister. I will be praying for her. It is strange how things can be put in perspective really quickly for us. I hope you get all your to do list done.

  3. oh lady i'm so sorry to hear about your sister. that would ruin my day for sure. your sister though is all smiles. way to stay optimistic. i'll keep you and your sister in my thoughts. xoxo.

  4. Oh God, how horrible!!!! Ugh, I'm so sorry about your rough time. Good that you know the issue and can start working towards resolution. Your sister and you look beautiful, I'll be thinking of ya

  5. That is so scary. Is she already? I have had kidney problems before, nothing to this extreme though. I will keep her in my prayers... transplants are nothing to joke about!

  6. Oh my I will keep your sister in my prayers. She does look beautiful though.


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