Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 things I miss about FLAGSTAFF


* Diablo Burger, people love it. I don't eat meat, but its pretty.

* Best architecture.

* This hotel is said to be haunted. I believe them.

I love love love down town flagstaff I think they have the best down town around! DT flag has the cutest little cafes and awesome boutiques! Not only that but if you live on campus its within walking distances which makes it even better!! AND! It was in Forest Gump. Really when he is going on his run through the country he goes through flag!!

9.) The FOREST!

*My boyfriend in the nature...he looks like a creeper but its otay!

*because he picked me a yellow daisy!!

The beautiful nature is something Mesa is really really lacking! I mean REALLY!

*Yes I named her Linda because she is.

This is my type writer Linda. We spent a lot of time together. Yes. I used a type writer. NAU's residence life office has small budget. True story.

*The nastynast mirror before
*See how it shines now! :)

Flagstaff has the best Good Will ever! I miss going saturday morning and spending twenty dollars and making ugly things pretty!

* Gloriana at the Museum Club

*Telescope at the Orpheum

Ever since I left flag I haven't been to ONE concert. I love concerts! And not just big super star country concerts, but fun $5 ones. I used to go all the time in flag there is always a show going on in flag.

5.) the TRAIN
*Its carrying lumber..how cute!

Yes, I said it the train. Everyone always complains about the train. You can hear the train every night no matter where you are. But you see, I found the train soothing, I loved falling asleep hearing the train.

4.) my COLLEGE
*okay, okay this isn't SBS this is business, mine is ugly & old & this is what I would see through the window.

Social and Behavioral Science also known as SBS aka my favorite little place in the world! I be stuck in there at lease two hours a day. I never knew how much I'd miss it! :(

3.) Northern Arizona University

*Beautiful ain't it?

Only the best university in the WORLD! Its true.

2.) the SNOW!!
*The first snow man we build in flag freshman year!

I love the snow. Granted I would complain about it after a week, because I would ALWAYS fall. All the time. I would walk around with nasty scabs on my hand from falling. But I miss it. Especially the wardrobe. Scarfs and boats and turtle necks, I'd be burning up if I tried to wear that in Mesa.

1.) My FRIENDS of course.

I do not have pictures of every friend but I miss everyone so so so so much!!!

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