Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October = Pumpkin madness

So every year since i donno when, Brian's family goes to this farm to pick pumpkins...I did not know what I was getting into!! Being my first year and all. This is how it went down.

*The whole gang before the pumpkin hunting

*Brian and his lil' bro Justin

*Brian's big sis Stephanie and her beautiful family

* We got around 700 pounds...ya!

Live in Tucson? Plan on visiting? Either way go here for your pumpkins!

**Shout out to Brian's sis for always having a camera, she rocks!!

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  1. Oh, pumpkin patches are so fun... did this one have extra stuff, like games for the kids or a corn maze? That's the most fun!

    Thanks for the blog comment :) And to answer your question, those photos were taken in Mount Nebo State Park in Arkansas.


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