Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Watch TV? Me too.

Yes, I watch it, don't judge me.

This show is crazzy! And I totally have my Brian hooked on it! Ok so if you don't watch it let me give you the low down. Its all based around this apartment complex that has seven people living in it, they are all beautiful and weird. Like REALLY!

First off lets meet David...

Handsome, of course, David plays the forgotten son of a rich doctor. His secrete: He steals from rich people.

This is here is favorite.
This girl is seriously a doctor by day prostitute by night! no joke. they really made her a prostitute!! Not only that but she walks around being the most self righteous person. I cannot wait till someone discovers her secret identity.

Here's the chef Auggie...aka hottest guy
He has the biggest secrete around...he killed Sydney the landlord from the original Melrose Place cast. btw this picture does not do him justice!!

Think Ashlee Simpson is her as Violet.
She has this weird creeper look on her face all the time....and she is a creeper.
Secrete: Her mom was Sydney the landlord that died.

Jonah...the sweetest guy in the world.
He doesn't really have a secrete he is just super cute and has all the ladies around him awwing! Oh! But he does suspect something about everyone.

Riley here is Jonah's fiance....
She's a school teacher, who is having some difficulties deciding what to do in life. Also she kissed Auggie....I know he's hott but no one is allowed to do that to Jonah. We do not like her around here!!!(even though my Brian said she's the prettiest one!)

Last we have Ella, she is the most messed up one.
She has all kinds of secretes. And she's a publicist and I'm pretty sure she's bisexual on the show.


This show has all kinds of horrible people in it. Except for Jonah! <3 It comes on tuesdays at 9pm if you wanna catch it next time. Its one huge drama and pretty entertaning to watch!

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