Friday, October 30, 2009

I heart...

It is not a secret to anyone how much I LOVE GREY'S
...i do really, i do.

It is possible the best show ever!!

...and last nights eposide proved why I love it so much.

Top reasons:
1.) It gives me hope in life...really it does, it makes me believe in beating the odds.
2.) The relationships...the drama is great, and everyone's life is so complicated.
3.) The patients on the show they are just so real, and its a new story every time.

"As human beings we can always try to do better. To be better. To right a wrong. Even when it feels irreversible. Of course, I'm sorry doesn't always cut it. Maybe because we use it so many different ways. As a weapon. As an excuse. But, when we are really sorry, when we use it right. When we mean it. When our actions say what words never can. When we get it right "I'm sorry" is perfect. When we get it right, "I'm sorry" is redemption."
-Meridith Grey

*They also have the best writers.

Watch Grey's really, it never disappoints!
Thursdays at 8pm


  1. I'm not even kidding, I've never watched this show... I never get around to watching ANY television, actually. But I've heard so many great things about Grey's. I kind of wish I was one of those Grey's fanatics ;)

  2. i'm newly a grey's addict! :D I love love love it!


hate it, love it, its all good!