Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i am blogging to make my Shetara happy
i spent my only day off (monday) baby sitting
i was woken up at 5am to go into work
i was at work for oh a good nine and half hours with no break
and it was all worth it because of the Pita Pit.

I have a rather odd obsession with Pita Pit....
ever heard of it...no?...well let me tell you...
they follow colleges around and there was one in Flag that I was in L.O.V.E with!

And monday while I was babysitting I also had an meeting ASU...where I saw my beloved PITA PIT...
i just wanted to run in there and say,
"May I have a garden pita with feta cheese no pickles onions and extra pineapple please! oh! and tzatziki spread thank you."

BUT NO! my dreams did not come true
because of my obligation of baby sitting and well kiddos do not like pitas or at least not my braty little brother!

anyway after my nine and half hour shift today my Brian called me and said "Lets meet at Pita Pit for lunch".....i knew there was a reason why I loved him so much!

...yes my dear friends I love the Pita pit sosososososo much that i had a photo taken with my pita in down town flagstaff where we first meet!


  1. I want to go to Pita Pit- it sounds so yummy!

  2. o GOSH....you're making my mouth water with that Pita description! yummm


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