Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I gave in.

I saw the Pregnancy Pact.
i tivo-ed it and told my brian i probably wouldnt watch it
And, yes, it made me sick.

This LIFETIME movie was based on a true story of girls in Massachusetts that all promised eachother they would get pregnant at the same time. It was disturbing.

How could anyone really think its a good idea to get pregnant at fifteen!

These girls totally glamorized the idea of motherhood.
Which made me think that maybe girls in high school do have a glamorized idea of motherhood. I mean look at MTV
they gave pregnant teenagers their own show.

I could not imagine having a child in high school or having a child now for that matter.

But who is really to blame for children having children??


  1. I watched it too! It made me sick to think of what my life would have been like. I am a mom now and it is hard enough as an adult. Having my son is the very best thing that has ever happened to me...but EVERYTHING happened to me from high school through college and after. I really hope that high schoolers will watch it and buy a box of condoms.

    Anyhow, I am new to your blog and am I am following. Please come back and follow if you would like. I always love meeting new bloggers.

  2. haha, this is sad, I'm watch Teen Mom as I type. It's BAD, and the teen moms... UGH! I'm sorry, you did the deed, you better grow up REAL quick! It's not those poor babies fault, you don't get to still have your "youth" and live it like your friends do... you gave that up. It's time to be a parent now... that includes being home for your child at night when they wake up... not out partying.

    Oh man, don't get me started....

  3. i caught only parts of the movie but when i heard about the true life story, i was disgusted. makes me sick to see these youngins having kids like they're accessories when there are woman out there praying to get pregnant and can't.

    i do watch that MTV show. it's so addicting!

  4. I didn't watch it, but I remember reading an article in Marie Claire about those girls a couple years ago. It's heartbreaking to think that those girls believed the only person who would truly love them would be a baby.

    As for Teen Mom, Sixteen and Pregnant and all those other teen pregnancy shows, I don't watch them and never will. It's upsetting to know that my little 11 year old sister is being bombarded with these kinds of messages! I hate MTV/VH1, and shows like these completely remind me of why I can't stand them.


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