Sunday, January 24, 2010


i'm crazzzy busy.
i work 43 hours and go to school full time.

this week and probably every day from now will be like last week
BOO but its okay because only 3 more semesters left!!!

And then I wont be too busy to comment on the JersyShore finale/reunion. (the finale was lame the reunion show was actually worth watching!!)

& I might actually be able to complain to the world...Izzy is back on Grey's
(please just kick her off for good or keep her on no more of this)

But i don't have time for that not
when I spend 2 hours TWO HOURS!
doing an online quiz & when i finally submit it
it says "system error" and deletes all my answers!

Anyway everyone have a great week tomorrow is MONDAY!!
(i'm going for an optimistic attitude these days!)

and also...please know that everyone of your blogs keeps me going through out the week!



  1. OUCH! It deleted it after two hours??!! wow......just wow...

  2. holy cow woman! how do you do it?! i work 40 a week (like most normal people) and complain that i'm so spent when i'm home. haha! guess i shouldn't complain.

    hope your week is good! xoxo.

  3. System error?! So annoying! The reunion WAS great.

  4. I agree on the Izzy issue... very annoying hope she is finally gone... ;)


hate it, love it, its all good!