Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When life gives me lemons

[or in this case a really weird waiter]

...I eat them and use the peels to make a heart!

Lately I've been whining and crying and blogging about poor me
and my poor self being stuck in this life less room with everything packed
and ready to move...when we'll move who knows but we're ready...ANYWAY

because of said particular annoying mood i've been stuck in for awhile I have forgetting to notice and be thankful for everything I love in my life.
For the real things that count...
for the people that are always there for me to whine to
for my wonderful boyfriend who always has to talk me down of my metaphorical bridge
for my generous cousin and her loving family that let us live in tiny room
for the interesting blogs I get to read all the time
for the awesome people that make music to get me out of my funks


I MAKE LEMON HEARTS ...or hearts made out of lemons same thing


  1. k that is so cute. i thought at first that was a picture from weheartit.com...i think i will now make hearts too :)

  2. I needed a to read a post like this today!

    Thank you!

  3. What a beautiful post! What a positive attitude to have of life- thank you for this.

  4. Aww that is adorable!! This post was beautiful, thank you!

    Also, I would love to go shopping with you. If you are ever in the Boston area or if I get a chance to come out to AZ, we should meet up.

    Much love,


  5. Aww, I love this post (and the lemon heart!). I've been in a nasty funk too, and it makes it so easy to forget all the things I've been so graciously blessed with. This post was a great little reminder!

  6. Ha! You're funny. Love that lemon heart. So very cute. You are just darling.


hate it, love it, its all good!