Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i need help

because your opinions matter!
you see i do not like typical lame roses.

So these are my top 3 favorite wedding centerpiece flowers.

1.wild orchids but not purple.

2.crazy branches without the flowers though.

3.beautiful tulips except white and not in an ugly vase.

I'm having a hard time to figure out what would go best with a casual summer beach wedding. So I need your opinion! Thanks ♥


  1. Branches yo! One year we couldn't afford a christmas tree, so I looked around the back yard and found this potted dead tree, it had wild branches.... So I spraypainted it white and we used that! Looked so amazing with lights and such. Very earthy. (Duh Seneca...its a tree)

  2. Orchids!! But that's very biased. They're my favorite flower.

  3. I gotta say I like the 2nd one! I wouldn't usually say that but I have a friend who did a look like that for her wedding and I thought it was so gorgeous!

  4. I think orchids would be best for a beach wedding, although I do love white tulips.


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