Sunday, March 21, 2010

oh spring ♥

I've enjoyed the amazing break I've had.
I could almost handle working everyday if
...I didn't have school work to come home to.

Beside my trip to Vegas and having time to reminisce with friends I spent my afternoons watching reruns of 16 and Pregnant !!
MTV is so addicting

I also renewed my love for Tetris beating my personal record.
Am I a little geeky for admitting that?Its ok.

But most of all I have been enjoying my new iPhone.
Yes, I gave in and bought them. I get a pretty big bonus every six months and half of my bonus went straight to our phones this year!
But dude, it was totally worth it! I am in love.
I'm contemplating leaving my phone at home when I go to work
because it is ridiculously tempting to use it.
But as every break it has come to an end. :(
if only every week was as good as this


  1. I love tetris, I have the game on my mobile phone to play when I'm bored in classes [only joking] but I do love playing it.

  2. oh man, i am glued to my iphone as well!

  3. haha that show especially is addicting

  4. I love 16 & pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stop watching...

  5. That's great you had an amazing week :) Haha, I was addicted to my Blackberry when I first got it - still am actually haha.

  6. HAHA! i got stuck watching 16 and pregnant too. that damn show is so addicting!


hate it, love it, its all good!