Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bad news bears

my luck just has to turn around
bad news seems to be the theme this week

My Nugget aka my car was not playing nice this monday and left me stranded at workthere goes a hundred and sixty dollars

and after all the work I put into one of my midterms I got a 62%, are you for real. Worst thing is there was no feed back just a big fat 62%is there anyway to feel like more of a failure

We're still having housing buying issues
I still haven't got the promotion I really want
We're still stuck in this tiny little room
I still have to work everyday of the week
We're still unsure about wedding plans
still, still, still
Its just hard trying to see the silver lining.

But as my Brian said. Our bad luck has to run out!


  1. I'm sorry. I seriously just hate when it feels like everything is coming down on you. It's awful. And it sounds like you have a lot raining on you- just understand that things WILL get better- just takes time. It's always darkest before the dawn. And i swear to God that cars always break right as you are short on money.

  2. I'm so sorry sweetie that you aren't having a good week...I hate that it seems like everything bad happens all at once. It is the WORSE!!

    Don't worry though, it will all turn around soon...things always do!!

    Big *HUGS*

    P.S. Your comments on my blog ALWAYS make my day and make me feel so much better about myself. I just wanted to say, thank you! You are truly the best!!! :)

  3. Thanks girls your words are keeping me positve today!

  4. Keep your head up! Everyone goes through lulls in life, but your good luck will come soon!


hate it, love it, its all good!