Thursday, March 25, 2010

your words inspire me

really they do your words make me happy when i feel blue

a little corny i know.
but everyone's advise does always make me happy.
and gives me hope that everything will be okay!

My list of inspirational people begin with her:

SJP she's always seems so self confident with herself (big nose/mole and all) And i do believe that her role as Carrie changed the way women were allowed to view themselves.

This here is a blog that always makes me appreciate life more:
Summer is such an inspirational person and finds happiness in everything. She is going through so much and still has such a positive out look on life. Makes me realize my problems are so petty!

Of course this women has always been a hero of mine:

Proving my theory that no matter where you come from you can always succeed. Her life has helped so many others and that is what I want to do with my life, I want to help as many people as I possible can.

My other hero:

My mom of course, she is so positive and so happy no matter what, achieving that has always been hard for me.

Each and everyone of you inspire me too, through your funny, insightful, spiritual posts, and through the comments you make to make me feel better!


  1. I just heart you! You just made me cry! This meant alot to me! Thanks sooo much your such a doll! I laughed right out loud at Sarah Jessica Parker I am also a fan....big nose/mole and all LOL....some of her outfits um really yeah o.k.....that's all I can say about that....Sex & The City is one of my fav shows....Oooh how I love Oprah....sad she's leaving TV...:0( !!

    Don't let me fool ya girly I have my moments where I get scared, I am only human but I refuse to let this disease run my life, I'm stubborn that way! I have a miracle little girl from God, my hubby friends and family, and I am gonna live my life....oh and I am gonna be as fun, dingy, crazy, loud as ever doing it LOL....what you read is what ya get on my blog! If you ever met me I would be just like I am on here....

    Have a great evening girly
    Summer :0)

  2. Oh and your mom is sooo pretty! She looks alot like you....your really pretty too! :0)


  3. awww my mama is my hero. whenever i'm down or confused or lost or whatever...i think WWMD. what would mama do? haha. love and miss her.

  4. Really cute post- beautiful Mom by the way! Geez!!! And Oprah is dear to my heart as well. And SJP... basically- good post :)

  5. Aw, wonderful post, love SJP.
    My grandmother inspires me :)

  6. Yay, what wonderful inspirations lady!

  7. Your mom is look just like her!!


  8. Now I see where you get your stunningly beautiful looks from - your mother! Wow, she is gorgeous! :)
    And Carrie Bradshaw inspires me too, haha.


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