Sunday, May 9, 2010

disaster week

This week was hectic! I am so happy to see it go!
First I was sick.
bad sick. {FLU/COLD}
the sick where you cant see, breath or eat.
it was terrible !!!
Second I was training for my promotion.
new schedule. {HORRIBLE}
two overnights, two morning, one afternoon 46hrs.
it was terrible !!!
Third I went back to flagstaff.
Bestfriends graduation. {YAY}
2 hr drive after my second overnight.

it was definitely worth it!!! my besstfran and gorgeous graduate special ed and elementary

TLC waiting outside after graduation not for tenderlove&care and finally our bffs come outside after our pack calling.whoowhoono i was not giving them the stinkeye in the back sun in eye maybe

Gosh i cannot wait to graduate!
Most of this week was terrible.
sickness is pretty much gone. Last week of the semester. praise be.

and to all you mommies out there Happy Mother's day ya'll this my mommy bestfriend, she understands that i couldnt spend today with her because of overwhelming work training and finals week. one of the millions reasons why i love her.

Have a happy happy monday! 8)


  1. Glad most of the sickness is gone :) Great pictures & hope you get some rest soon from your busy schedule!

  2. Sorry you had the sickies friend! That stinks! Hope you get better quick quick!

    That pic of you and your besties is to stinkin cute!Ya'll are really cute :0)

    You are gonna graduate soon too how cool is that!! What is your major? Are ya gonna be a teacher?

    What a sweet shout out to your mom!

    Have a great day, congrats on your promotion and get well quick quick

    Summer :0)

  3. gawd being sick sucks. i feel you for you. hope you're better now.

    congrats to your friend and happy belated ma day to your mama!

  4. Sorry you were sick and that the training is a lot to take :( But it sounds like you had fun with your friends- your mom is so purty!


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