Tuesday, May 11, 2010

some things

might be better left unsaid.

My new schedule gives me mondays off
...and luckily my Brian has mondays off too!
Unfortunately I had so much homework to do, so we did nothing fun.
I did homework and my Brian played on his PS3, we also watched the new series on the History channel "America the story of us".

anyway while watching the series. I felt the need to share with my Brian my somewhat secrete crush on Abraham Lincoln. I know its odd. but its true I actually was heart broken when I found out he was dead. I think it was around 1st grade.

My secrete crush got a laugh out of my Brian.
But then an even bigger more awkward laugh came.

While my Brian was playing Final Fantasy 13.
I, jokingly said, "Oh, do you have a crush on this video game girl".
He replied, "No that's Zelda".

Needless to say I think we would have been okay not
knowing eachothers weird crush
And everyone would have been better not knowing this about us.
But I just had to share!


  1. Bahahahah! Every time I read your blog you put a great BIG smile on my face! Abe Lincoln huh "Honest Abe" that just got a chuckle out of me too, and then I read Brian's Zelda crush and almost spewed my diet coke all over my computer LOL....my friend's hubby has a Zelda crush to and we always razz him about it! I love knowing little tidbits like this about my bloggy buddy!

    I will tell you my secret crush so you won't feel bad about sharing yours....I heart Vin Diesel yep I said it....he is so 10 years ago my friends say but I still think he's hot!
    Oh and I used to have a major crush on Zach off of saved by the Bell LOL....and I wanted to be like Kelly Kapowski....

    Have a great evening chicka
    Summer :0)

  2. Oh my gosh that is so awesome. This post totally rocks.

  3. it's okay. i had a crush on JFK and i knew he was dead. so basically i liked a dead guy. nice.

  4. it's okay to have a crush on dead presidents. i still have a massive crush on JFK. :) that sounded totally creepy. probably because it is.

  5. HAHA this post was great! Happy Friday! Hope you have a great wkend.



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