Wednesday, June 23, 2010

L + thrift stores = ♥

I've never hidden my love for thrift stores!
But, now that we have our house my love for thrift stores has grown stronger!I'm a big believer of originality. I like thinks that are only mine, that people see and say,"Wow, where did you find that, I want one" and I then shrug and say "oh just one of my finds, i don't know where you could find another one."

Yes I love saying that, I love having things no one else does, and hey that's okay.

With that said let me introduce you to some of my new finds...

My mirrors...I love me some mirrors! I found all these puppies for one buck! Holla!

But the best mirror was this one, I've been eying her for awhile but $15 at a thrift store was outrages! And yesterday it was a dollar!! Made my day.
You know my odd obsession with birds, well i found a few more to add to my count! This one here is sitting on my shelf between a pile of books and candle sticks!

And this little guy, I wasn't nearly as in love with him as I am now, actually the only reason I bought him was because he was so cheap. But seeing him up there makes me feel like he belong with me all along!

But my best find, my pride and joy, my this. Just look at this beauty. It is seriously amazing, it is better than the owl key coat hanger I convinced the fabulous gay boy to give me! This little girl was sitting behind some dresses and I ran to her, arms full and I just grabbed her and carried her to the register because I didn't even want to think about what I could buy with the $50 she was worth. And then I get to the counter and what do you know, it was half off!

She looks perfect in my antique room.

As soon as everything is put together I will show where all these hidden treasures are!


  1. wow the sewing machine looks amazin!! you're so cute luz!! i love blog stalking you :)

  2. Great finds, love the one with the white birds!

  3. I love thrift stores for that very reason! And antique stores, too... awesome stuff.

  4. thrifting is the best! and not just because you find unique items but because those items are dirt cheap!

  5. I love going through thrift stores, just never know what you will find and that in itself is so much fun. Also brings a sense of accomplishment when you find something insanely cool like your sewing machine!! You have great stuff and how fun you have an empty house to decorate it with :)

  6. I was never a big thrifting person but after seeing all these fabulous find you get I want to try it again. Inspiring you are <3

  7. I am loving that sewing machine! What an amazing find!


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