Tuesday, June 22, 2010

drive up to flag

i talk a lot about my love of flagstaff
the city that is 2 hours north of where i am now.
the city where me and my B meet and feel in love.
the city where our furniture was being used/taken care of by our friends.

so we drove up one sunday to retrieve all our furniture,
you know since we have our new beautiful house that needs furniture!

and the drive up to flagstaff was as beautiful as ever...

on our way back down,
i had a brilliant idea to stop for lunch at a food court that was advertised on the highway.
bad idea,bad idea. why...

we get there and cant decide on anything, so we get a million different things, and out of all this food the fries and salad were the only thing that was finished.

oh and my Brian's ribs...who serves ribs at noon! He was in heaven. i was disgusted.

never again, we are never stopping at a food court. never.

Anyway, we got our furniture down and little by little our house is starting to come together!


  1. not a fan of ribs but fries? nom nom nom!

  2. Um blogger is acting crazy at the moment LOL....I have so tried to comment like 4 times so if you get them later oopsy LOL

    I am lovin' your new bloggy look girl just fabulous like you! I missed talking to ya chicka....Yay on getting your furniture for your new house....

    That is alot of food girlie....I am the same way I can never make my mind up at the food court and I order from different places and then won't eat it LOL....the fries look yummo
    I am lovin your header pics they make me smile big big....


  3. haha I hate when I order when I'm starving... my table usually ends up like yours except I eat everything.... hahah, yay for the furniture!

  4. A. Adorable new headers and blog design - I like!
    B. I'm not a fan of ribs either
    C. Before you I never knew of Flagstaff nor did I ever want to go there - since becoming friends, I really want to go! It looks so pretty and fun


hate it, love it, its all good!