Friday, June 18, 2010

i'm not lying

when i say...
one of the things that made me fall for my Brian was his cooking skills!
man-oh-man having a boy in your life that is an amazing cook is a very good thing.

(making his famous chicken parm)

the first night my B cooked for me,
i wore a purple dress and walked into his apartment to the smell of italian goodness and Frank Sinatra singing come fly with me come fly come fly away it was perfect there was candles and flowers and his apartment was CLEAN!

that night i knew i would never let him get away! are you kidding me a boy that cooks that well is like the freakin holy grail!

ever since then, he's been cooking for me. or fating me up so i cant get away!

my favorite thing has to be his eggplant parm! yum! my vegetarian heart was so happy when i tasted this yumtastic meal!

we are now at a place in our relationship where he trust me to help and not mess things up. last time we cooked our niece jaymarie even helped out!
(this is where she decided to taste it, her face after was priceless)
(cleaning up after the messy flour)

any single girls out there find yourself a man who can cook. its worth the search.
and just in case you wondering HOW HOT IS HOT?! this was the temperature in AZ...

ONE-oh.freakin-SIX. like really.


  1. My Brian is an amazing cook too!!! dang we know how to pick em! yay for us

  2. Holy 106!!!! I would be hiding in the house with a couple of Air conditioners!! :)

  3. Wow, that is hot!

    And great pictures :) Love men who can cook!

  4. aw, that is so cute about your Man! I love a guy who can cook too, I think that's awesome- and great thing for you guys to do together!! and 106!! I'm still jealous!

  5. Wowzer! Michigan never even gets close to 100! Hopefully you don't melt cuz you're so sweet (lame joke, I know!) :)


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