Thursday, June 17, 2010

so much to do

if only i had the time...i feel like this little man all the time!!(i'm late i'm late i'm late for...)
i just wish i had the time to sit around borders all day and read books with my GBF
or spend all my time looking for the perfect furniture not like this
but most of all i wish i had time to spend with him...
we've been doing so much for everyone else lately, baby sitting, having dinners, moving, fixing things, and we both very much wanted to do all of these things we love our nieces and having friends over but i wish we could do it all and have alone time too. oh! and i learned my B would be a great father, but that little baby in his arms reaffirmed that we should not have any little Plavarretes running around!


  1. haha aww, I feel you- sometimes I get so busy and wonder where my normal life went?? Your man looks super cute with the little baby feeties sticking out. Hope things slow down a bit soon :)

  2. I hear you! I'm all up for adding another hour into the day, though I'd probably just use it for sleeping. :-)

  3. Hope you're able to enjoy some r&r soon, being on the go for too long is never good for anyone. Enjoy your weekend!


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