Thursday, July 22, 2010

driving adventures: take 2

our drive back from California was anything but boring.
we had a very eventful driving ranging from people yelling for french fries
to our gasoline being stolen...

it began with to very optimistic girls we had just left a mean florist house who keep telling my i couldn't have roses at my wedding because i wasn't having a traditional wedding, after that i was irritated and just wanted to get home to see my Brian.

so we left happy thinking we'd get out just before rush hour...
("you and me we used to be together everyday together always")
No Doubt's Don't Speak seemed to be the most requested jam of day seeing how it was played a gazillion times!

Well our happy go lucky attitude turned sour well quick-like!
We had some odd desire to stop at a Wendy's Shell hybrid. While there we witness some not so happy people yelling for french fries literally it was crazy this lady went nuts she wanted her french fries, with all that crazyness we booked it outtta here so fast we forget all about our gas.
Still in a fairly decent mood we stopped at a Love's for gas at Quartsite. I was actually excited about because the name sounded so cute! Well at Love's...we decided hey lets leave our gas pumping while we run inside for chocolate. We come back get our receipt for $30 and go on about our day. About 10 miles out BB says "ok, you're gonna freak but we don't have any gas". Immediately I check my online banking via my handy dandy iPhone love and see that yes I was charged $30 at Loves. We then remember the questionable guys who were staring us down at the pump besides us...and we thought we were cute or something.

In conclusion be on the look out for gas stealers because apparently the economy is that bad. And if you work at a fast food place never run out french fries because people go crazy for that ish!


  1. people steal gas now?! oy vey. what's this world coming to.

  2. hahah and remember when we were buying chocolate and the bathrooms were closed, and the lady yelled really loud about the port-a-potties outside...twice. And then you said back, "yeah please yell it louder because we didn't hear you the first time"... and "...because some people are really rude here" or something like that. hahahah why couldn't there be a friendly QT on the road?!?! :(

  3. Woah. Gas stealers? Eek!

    I accidentally stole gas from a gas station once. I didn't really my card hadn't actually swiped. I thought it was weird it didn't offer a receipt but it was no biggie.

    An hour later I got a call from the police! I was SO freaked out especially since it happened as I was heading out of town for Christmas. Thankfully the police understood and my fiance was at home so he went and paid the gas station. Yikes!

  4. What a girlie trip OMG....I love the pics of you and your friend singing in the times....

    Um yeah people freak over food, this girl at subway went nutso because she wanted ham added to the sub but didn't wanna pay the extra price....I left quick quick

    What a cute name for a gas station although they didn't show ya much love since um somebody stole your gas....OMG that is awful....blech

    Sounds like your day was um getting crazy and I betcha you were glad to get home to your Brian....I can't believe the flower lady told ya you couldn't have roses....

    Thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog, it really means the world to me....I have been saying a little prayer for you and your is she doing? Tell her to keep smilin' keep positive and she will beat this...she will get through day at a time


  5. Wow that's crazy that people steal gas now. How rude!

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  7. hahahh, I love road trip stories! Isn't it funny places like that constantly exist even when you're not driving through them!?! Sounds like with gas stealers and creepy guys that you and your pal are really taking in the whole road trip vibe!


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