Sunday, July 25, 2010


the bridal kind.

my bestfriendcousinface and aunt and annie bc im sure she did a lot of work toothrew me the funnest shower ever! and of course it was was all about me

maybe it was because of all of my amazing guest.

(it was an all girl party except for uncle robert...who was creeping around the party)

everyone was much fun and we had a blast playing not so traditional games
like this....
the do this the fastestor this one. 3 teams. 3 wedding dresses. only one dress can be the winner

the middle one won.
she worked it better, and you know its all about being fierce!but my favorite part of the shower...PRESENTS!!
did anyone really expect anything else.

I had the funnest time ever. Thanks to everyone who made it special.


  1. Um girlie you had me laughing out loud at the non traditional game should I even ask LOL...hahaha
    Congrats on an uber awesome bridal shower you deserve it pretty girl! You look great and your party looked like so much fun and being it was all about LUZ made it that much better huh LOL :0)

    Loved the wedding dress game those are so fun....did ya get lots of stuff? Sure looks like ya did
    Glad you had a great day

    Oh and I laughed at your comment 'cause that is exactly what the hubs said how in the world could I mix up those lyrics cause they sound nothing alike LOL....I guess it's a Summer thing hahahahaha

    Summer :0)

  2. SO FUN! Oh my gosh it looks like such a great time =-)

  3. Awe congrats, looks like you had a great time and that is what it's all about!!!

  4. gah! i don't do showers. i've forbid myself from ever going to another one (excluding family of course. goddamnit! lol)

    but yay for presents! that's always fun :)

  5. Oh how fun! I love all these photos - they look so fun :) Why wasn't I invited?!

  6. so fun!!! Sounds like they did all that they should for you!!! I also made the collage bigger to look at it and your makeup looks so pretty!! You will be a beautiful bride!!!!!

  7. Awe this looks like such a great Shower! Hope you had a great time!!



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