Monday, September 27, 2010

first post in over month!

but i'm back,
with a tan, tons of gifts, and oh yes a husband!

but before i can show you all my wedding pictures let me show you my crazy bachelorette party which took place a week before the i must warn you these pictures are PG13!ha.

My bestfriend/maid of honor took charge on making my night unforgettable

the night consisted of:

1.) Dinner at a hip sushi bar in Scottsdale packed with the finest cougars! yup!

(crappy picture quality i apologize)

2.) Lots and lots of drinks....

(thankfully they all didnt have broccoli)

3.) and of course my crown as we went out on the town

(it rained like crazy and it still didnt stop us)

The night was truly amazin


  1. there you are!!! welcome back and congrats MRS.!!!!

    loving all the bachelorette pics but i want to see some crazier ones. i know they're out there ;)

  2. Congrats lady, glad you're back and crazy you're married!!!! That dress looks great on you and your makeup looks pretty, pretty- I love dark makeup! I can't wait to see wedding pictures! Have a great night MRS.!


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