Thursday, October 7, 2010

my face

is apparently hosting a pimple party.
and it is killing my poor little chinny chin chin!

So i felt that this was time to remind myself, I can look pretty sometimes!
Especially in white dress and a huge yellow flower!
My wedding dress, and wedding story number uno, was the biggest headache ever!

First of all, this was my second wedding dress.
I found this dressat a thrift store for a dollar and was convinced it was meant to be,
I mean when does that ever happen...but after months of evaluating it
I decide it was so-meant to be, a month before the wedding I found my dress.

Think it ends doesn't.
Two days before my wedding, I wake up in California, where the wedding was.
To find 2 huge black stains on my white satin wedding dress!!!
No one knew where they come from...and I literally felt like I was going to faint.

Luckily most of it was able to come off, and everyone kept telling me to look at it the day of the wedding to see if it was okay, but I sure didn't because I knew I'd be able to tell and it'd just ruin the day instead I didn't allow my eyes to go anywhere near the stain.

Now I must go, to try to kick all these pimples out of the party a.k.a. my face!


  1. Oh welcome to my life lady, my face is having the same party, grr.

    You looked BEAUTIFUL in your dress.

  2. that dress was a dollar!!!! what the!!! I'm a little confused as to which was the first purchase and which was the second, I like both though and there's no evidence of a stain!!! So pretty!!! also, I am broken out right now too... lame!

  3. wait a gosh darn minute...that dress was a DOLLAR?! are you freaking kidding me?! that's insanity!!! and it looks nice! what the frig?! i don't believe it.

    your satin dress is lovely too. black stains or not, you look good girl!

  4. Oh my goodness I was starting to get worried because I got two huge zits on my left cheek, one on my forehead, and two on my chin!! Anyways so I read up on how to get rid of them and found out that blemishes on your cheek are caused from stress, the forehead ones are caused by eating to much of one thing, and the chin zits are hormonal. Don't ask me why I just gave you all that info, but there ya go!

    PS: That is my first nephew.


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